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Longdu is one of the  manufacturerof injection mould  in China, we specialize in automotive, home appliance, electronic and CNC processing to components of mould. Equipped with the most advanced software for tooling design, analysis and manufacturing. There are many big CNC machining centers , high speed machines and EDM ,Large die spotting machines  and other advanced processing equipment.


Automotive Mould

Long du isoneofthemanufacturerofinjectionmouldinChina,wespecializeinautomotive,homeappliance,electronicandCNC processing to components ofmould.Equippedwiththemostadvancedsoftwarefortoolingdesign,analysisandmanufacturing.There are many big CNC machining centers , high speed machines and EDM ,Large die spotting machines andotheradvancedprocessingequipment. ...


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Box mould

Box mould Various of plastic box mould, the transparent PP box mould for food or other storage usage. Recently, we MINGYU MOULD have made a series of PP transparent box mould for kuwait and Thailand, W...

Die casting Life and Failure

Die casting Life and Failure Proper selection of the die material and of the die manufacturing technique determines, to a large extent, the useful life of forming dies. Die may have to be replaced for ...

The Injection Molding

The Injection Molding 1 . The injection molding Injection molding is principally used for the production of the thermoplastic parts,although some progress has been made in developing a method for injec...

Injection Molding

Many different processes are used to transformplastic granules, powders, plasticmaterial moldableform, variousforming methods. Mostcases thermosetting materials require other methods usuallyheated soft...

Automotive bumper mould

Automotive bumper mould We could supply different kinds of the bumper mould with P20 and 2738 steel ,especially for the hot-runner (sequence timer control)and runner-less car bumper mould. Runner-less ...

Mechanical equipment production

The company has been operating in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system for many years. The production of "Shanghai" (bw) brand cloth, chain and other printing and dyeing machinery parts ar...

Mechanical plant construction

A factory or factory house....

Auto bumper mould

Auto bumper mould Auto bumper mould is also named automobile bumper mould and car bumper mould. there are also two different kinds front bumper mould and rear bumper mould. MINGYU mould has more than 2...